Adult's Leather Jazz Shoes

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Color: Black

Jazz shoes for adults

Our Jazz Shoes Design

  • Neoprene stretch arch insert makes the shoe flexible and comfortable

  • Synthetic sole and Split design

  • Quality Craftsmanship: years of experience in dance shoe design and manufacturing

Adults Jazz Shoes Material

  • Genuine imitation leather Upper: Genuine imitation leather uppers provide reliable comfort for your feet. 

  • Cotton lining: Our innovative fabric technology ensures that your feet stay dry and fresh all day long, allowing you to enjoy a breathable and sweat-free experience.

  • Anti-skid soles: keep balance, not slipping when you dance.

Jazz Shoe Fitting

To ensure the best fit, please start by using your regular street shoe size. Please note that our shoes are designed with a stretch factor, which may cause them to appear slightly smaller than what you are accustomed to. After it is stretched to fit over the foot, it will fit your size. Boys may need to order two sizes up.

How to Find Your Size for Girls Jazz Shoes


1. Place your foot on a paper, measure when you are standing, wearing the socks or stockings you will wear with your new shoes.
2. Measure the longest distance from heel to toe.
3. Using the chart following, convert your inches measurement to your shoe size.
4. Mens may need to order one or two sizes up.

Perfect Adults Jazz Shoes

    Adults Jazz Shoes Size Guide

    measure from heel to toe

    4 MW--- 8 1/4 inches
    5 MW--- 8 5/8 inches
    6 MW--- 9 inches
    6.5 MW--- 9 1/8 inches
    7 MW--- 9 1/4 inches
    7.5 MW--- 9 1/2 inches
    8 MW--- 9 5/8 inches
    8.5 MW--- 9 3/4 inches
    9 MW--- 10 inches
    9.5 MW--- 10 1/8 inches
    10 MW---10 1/4 inches
    10.5 MW--- 10 1/2 inches
    11 MW--- 10 5/8 inches
    12 MW--- 11 inches

    jazz dance shoes on feet

    Whether she's just starting out or a long-time dance enthusiast, we have the perfect pair of shoes for her. 

    Choose from a variety of colors and styles that will make her stand out on the stage! All of our dance shoes are designed with comfort in mind, so you can always count on quality materials that won't let her down.

    Explore more of our girls dance shoes selection today and take your pick!

    Happy dancing! 👯🩰🪩🤸‍♀️👯‍♂️🎵🎶